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Happy Racing – Top Wheels Game

A Better Looking Happy Wheels

Happy Racing – Top Wheels Game 
Avg. Rating: (4 Player Ratings – Avg. Rating 5.0 out of 5) Rate
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(iOS – For most iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
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DFG Exclusive Review Summary


  • Fun cartoony visuals
  • Levels are mercifully short


  • Touch controls can be finicky
  • Extra modes that make similar games great aren’t implemented yet

Game Description

Death Race 2017

‘Make it to the end of a hazardous obstacle course without dying’ is a pretty common theme in games, but it works because it’s usually fun. Over-the-top cartoon violence makes it even more fun, if you’re into that, and Happy Racing definitely delivers on that front.

Drive to Survive

Getting to the end in one piece is the basic idea, but there are a few more elements worth considering.

  • Different characters have different strengths. Okay not all of them, but some do have different abilities (faster starts, higher speeds, better in-air turning, etc) that you can take advantage of. Tap on the ‘i’ icon in the top-right corner of their character card to get details.
  • Hit the ground running, racing. Levels are timed, so every second counts. The sooner you can get moving the better.
  • Try to adjust your trajectory. As is the case with most 2D racing games these days, things like leaning back before going over a ramp or lining your tires up with the ground before landing will have an effect on your momentum – and by extension your completion time and even your character’s survivability.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, etc, etc. Chances are you’ll breeze through the first set of levels with little trouble, but it won’t take very long before you start failing every once in a while. Keep at it! Getting used to a level’s layout is part of the challenge/fun, and in the meantime you can always have a laugh at various absurd character deaths.
  • Try to keep your front wheel up when making blind jumps. If you aren’t sure what’s ahead or beneath you after hitting a big ramp, keeping your front wheel up a little bit should help. It (usually) will make landings a little easier on your character if the terrain is flat, and will come in handy if there ends up being a wall or other obstacle somewhere in your path. Essentially, the wheel can act as a sort of barrier.
  • Goals don’t count until you actually reach them. This means that you can totally overshoot the end of a stage or expire before finishing because now you have to back up. Make those goals count!

Been There, Done That

There’s no denying it: Happy Racing is pretty much just Happy Wheels with better visuals. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but chances are you won’t feel the need to bother with the former if you’ve been playing the latter. Especially since Happy Racing (at the moment) doesn’t offer level creation or sharing yet.


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