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Business Travel Program and Website

United Airlines announced a new platform to allow corporate customers to fully customize their business travel program contracts with the carrier.

The new platform, dubbed United for Business Blueprint, is scheduled to launch in late 2023.

United customers will now be able to work with a sales representative to choose from the airline’s product catalog to design a program that best fits their business travel needs, with the ability to customize the options down to individual flights, travelers and destinations.

The platform includes the possibility of a higher status in the carrier’s loyalty programs like United Corporate Preferred, options to make working while traveling easier by reserving Economy Plus seats and wi-fi access, and incentives such as discounts on leisure travel for employees.

“The needs of our customers are changing, and it’s the right time to move beyond the one-size-fits-all contracting model that has become standard across the industry,” United senior vice president Doreen Burse said.

“United has a best-in-class suite of benefits and services and our customers deserve the opportunity to take advantage of the offerings they value most,” Burse continued. “The voice of our customers played an essential role in how this new platform was built, and will continue to shape how it evolves in the future.”

In addition to launching the United for Business Blueprint program, the airline revealed it would unveil the first stages of a new website later this year, making it easier for companies who book business travel through the carrier to enroll in and manage their travel program.

United said customers can register with United for Business with “just a few clicks,” browse programs and enroll in an option that best meets their business travel needs. Customers will have access to a variety of new capabilities, including the ability to rebook and exchange travel and view and use future flight credits.

Last week, Delta Air Lines announced it would rebrand its business travel tools, products and services under one, all-encompassing travel solution name: Delta Business.



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