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ChatGPT is everywhere

ChatGPT is everywhere, and every tech company wants a piece of it.

Microsoft paid $10 billion to get ChatGPT working on Office, Bing and other products. Google is using its AI expertise to build Bard and then you also have Chinese tech brands working in this space. But for people like you and me, ChatGPT integration is already available via the Google Chrome browser and here are some of the ChatGPT extensions that can let you experience the AI chatbot and come in handy with your work.

Five ChatGPT Extensions For Your Browser


This Chrome extension is your quick access to ChatGPT and you can throw a variety of questions at the AI Chatbot. The conversations can be shared with other people in the form of permanent links as well. All of this with a single click. Search for this extension on Chrome’s app store.

ChatGPT Writer

What if we tell you about an extension that uses ChatGPT to help you write mails and messages? That’s exactly what the ChatGPT Writer extension offers to Chrome users. You can use it across all websites in different languages, which means the reach of this extension is huge. The makers of the ChatGPT Writer say their extension outdoes every other ChatGPT product in the market, which is a tall claim. To see the magic work, download the extension, put your message/mail request and click on the Generate Response button. It can refer to the earlier mail/message for context but remove the confidential parts.

ChatGPT can make your lives easier. The YouTube Summary with ChatGPT extension speaks for itself, by helping you transcribe videos on the platform. This tool is also helpful if you don’t want to watch the entire video and would prefer to read the storyline in text. It also can be used to get the summary by clicking on the thumbnail of the video.


Writing mails, transcribing YouTube videos are not the only use cases for ChatGPT. Now there is an extension for the AI chatbot that can draft tweets on behalf of the users. Using the AI tech, TweetGPT can adapt to different writing styles and you can get technology to do the tweeting for you with this extension.


Want a better way to use ChatGPT without typing? Use this extension which accepts voice commands and gives you the responses verbally in the form of an AI virtual assistant as well.



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