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Pakistan Railways Announces New Train Timings

Pakistan Railways has revised the timings of two passenger trains, Allama Iqbal Express and Shaheen Passenger, for public convenience. Published Nov 12, 2023

A spokesperson for Pakistan Railways shared the revised schedule for both trains on Friday. As per the new schedule, the Allama Iqbal Express will leave from Karachi Cantt at 3:30 PM instead of 2:15 PM and reach Sialkot at 6 PM on the following day.

Similarly, the Shaheen Passenger, which operates between Sialkot and Wazirabad, will leave its station an hour later than its previous schedule.

Earlier, the train would depart from Sialkot at 6 PM. However, now, it will reach Wazirabad at 8:05 PM after leaving Sialkot at 7 PM.

It should be noted that last month, Pakistan Railways announced its updated winter timetable, which came into effect from October 15. The administration added a new stop for Pakistan Express (45 Up) at the Khairpur Railway Station.

Moreover, numerous temporary stops were made permanent for trains, including Allama Iqbal Express (9 Up/10 Dn) and Quetta Express. Both the trains will stop at the Lodhran Railway Station and Toba Tek Singh Railway Station, respectively.


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