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Passionate crowds renew support for PTI, Karachi

Thousands attend party’s power show at Bagh-e-Jinnah KARACHI:

Bagha-e-Jinnah was the stomping ground for supporters of PTI as it was filled with the men, women and children wearing scarves and paper mask printed with Imran Khan’s photos, all while chanting slogans against an “imported government’.

With flags of the nation hoisted aloft, the charged crowd’s slogans of ‘Long Live Pakistan” echoed across the park which is near the mausoleum of the Pakistan’s founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhamad Ali Jinnah.

Before the rally, people were dancing to PTI musical anthems in Sindhi, Balochi, Pahshtu, Punjabi and Urdu languages at Numaish Chowrangi. On the other hand, the PTI rally caused massive a gridlock in some parts of the city and people were stranded in a traffic jam in Saddar, Tariq Road, Guru Mandir, Patel Para and Jail Chowrangi.

As the event started after Iftar, former PTI MNA Faisal Javed asked the crowd to pledge their allegiance to the righteous.

A shuttle service was started at Numaish and nearby areas to take people towards the rally where a national flag-hosting ceremony was held. The oath was followed by the national anthem, while songs by music rock band Junoon enthralled the audience.

A 160-foot long and 24-foot wide stage was setup for the leadership of the PTI. The venue had a separate entrance for women, men and the media. “I have come here for Imran Khan and Pakistan,” said a teenage girl wearing a mask of Imran Khan and hoisting the flag of her party. She was confident that the youth would be able to being Imran Khan back to the corridors of power.

Not only were a huge number of teenagers present, but so were elderly citizens. “I am the mother of a martyred armed officer. We want to get rid of corrupt leaders who have always looted and plundered Pakistan,” said Khursheed Begum.

A young girl, who was a medical student, shared her enthusiasm over attending the event and the chance to Imran Khan. “The time of the jalsa is 9 pm, but my three friends and arrived before iftar. We had iftari and will be here till Imran Khan gives his speech,” she said.

The student said that the PTI chief was the only leader who wpuld be able to take Pakistan to the greatest heights. On the announcement of the party leadership’s arrival, participants of the rally flashed the lights from their mobile phones and chanted slogans of “go imported government go.”

Ali Hasnain, a Karachi student who is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration, said he supported Imran Khan because he loved his country. “We want to see our country strong and Imran is the only leader who, being an honest, man will fulfil our dreams.”

Imran Khan’s speech, PTI leaders took to the stage and riled up the audience with slogans such as “Would you prefer freedom or slavery and Imran Khan or an imported government?” Each leader was asked to speak for three to give minutes, given the shortage of time.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Zaidi of PTI said that party members had tendered their resignation from national assemblies and would not let the imported government to rule. “More than six million people have tweeted and that is world record. Majority of people in Pakistan have given their consent against the government being run by thieves,



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